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We provide commercial and residential roofing repair & replacement in Chicagoland area. You'll be impressed by our professional approach and experience, a combination that will ensure a smooth roof repair or re-roofing project from commencement to completion.
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At Eco Shield, we repair and install a variety of siding types to not only protect your home and family from the elements, but also make it look great. We believe that a quality repair or installation starts with quality products, which is why we use only the best materials in the siding industry.
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It's a great time to upgrade the gutters when you install a new roof or siding.
We custom make the gutters at the job site for a seamless and professional job. We offer different designs, sizes, and colors.
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An exterior soffit is located on the span beneath the rafter tails, while the fascia is the exposed horizontal band you see at the end of the rafters. These architectural elements found along the eave area do more than just add visual interest and give a finished look to your home. They help protect the exterior of your house by keeping out pests like bats, birds and squirrels, and give you a way to disguise ventilation for your attic.
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Home insulation offers a number of distinct benefits for your home and your family—including energy savings and greater comfort. We all want a comfortable, cozy home, but if your home insulation is not up to par, it’s nearly impossible to achieve. Many of us have experienced a room that’s too cold in the winter or too warm in the summer that you just don’t want to spend time in. Roughly a third of a home’s air leakage comes through floors, ceilings and walls, so insulating these areas is key to comfort.
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Whether your home is 5 or 50 years old, we use only the best products in roofing, siding, gutters, window replacements, trim work and energy saving products. Ask about our full line of energy saving materials and start saving money today.
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