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Few other exterior improvements give your home such a dramatic facelift as a new siding. Siding allows you to change both the color and the texture of outside walls. Siding Products have come a long way in the past few decades, and your choices of colors and styles have never been greater. Vinyl Siding dominates the residential siding market.

Vinyl siding is manufactured in hundreds of colors, so finding the "perfect" color for your home should be easy. The color is blended through the plastic, so scuffs or scratches will not leave noticeable blemishes. Vinyl is also molded in many surface texture and styles, including traditional or Dutch lap, scallops, shingles, fish scale, shakes, and various beaded designs. This diversity allows vinyl siding to complement historical homes and to provide design options for traditional and even eclectic homes. Vinyl is impervious to insects, rot, and fungal or algal growth, and it stands up well to moderate impact. It does not require routine cleaning or painting.

Replacing the siding on your home can be both more difficult and more expensive than adding a new roof. Siding is more challenging because of the many obstructions you have to work around-windows, doors, bump-outs, bay and bow windows, electric meters, phone and cable hookups, and more. In addition, your work site includes trees and bushes to work around. Although it's sometimes possible to install new siding over old if the old siding is solid and firmly attached to the house, in most cases it's better to remove the siding , especially if it's damaged. Taking off the old siding allows to start with a flat smooth surface.

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